Join us and explore the unknown

Why should I contribute to Biokryptos?

You can make a difference in world. Everyday, we loose territory and species to oblivion due to a variety of factors, including simple human ignorance. Ignorance of our connection as a species to our planet. Ignorance of the proper policies to enact to conserve wild places. Ignorance of species distributions and biodiversity. How many species have been lost already that have never been described? At Biokryptos, our mission is to discover the sum total biodiversity of under surveyed wild places, to find new animals and new distributions. Your contribution will work directly to find new species and uncover mysteries in wild places across the planet. 

Who contributes to Biokryptos?

People with a passion and concern for the biodiversity of our planet; people from all walks of life. Citizen scientists, photographers, plumbers, everyone with a passion for exploration and discovery, all over the world. All are welcome to participate and contribute. 

What do I get for my contribution?

Primarily, your tax deductable contribution will get a mention on our website. There will be more to come, including sneak peaks at our newest projects and research before they are published on the Biokryptos blog and website. If you wish to submit a photo of yourself along with a brief story about your contribution, we will post it on our site. As time goes on, we will send large account and continual account contributors photos from our expeditions and camera traps, to display at their home or office.  

How can I help in other ways?

As a supporter of Biokryptos, you can help promote Biokryptos by tagging us on social media using #Biokryptos and #TepuiWatch. Like us on Facebook, and share our story and discoveries. You can also work with us by helping us with species identifications, donations of field equipment, and recommendations on new areas to investigate. At Biokryptos, the key is logistics to keep costs down. We are always looking for supporters across the globe to assist us with shipping and supplies.  Anyone interested in donating gear, camera traps, or dry food should contact our CEO Laszlo at . 

Where does my donation go?

Contributions and donations go to a variety of sources, from new camera traps to training and expeditions. For 2017, donations will go primarily to Tepui Watch lead investigators in the Pemon community of Kamarata to continue servicing the camera traps and conducting surveys. As we expand, exciting new field expeditions will be pursued, and you will have the opportunity to donate to a specific project or cause. In the past, CEO Laszlo Hadik Barkoczy had the opportunity to directly financially assist with medical procedures for members of the Kamarata Pemon Village. The ability to make a drastic improvement in the life of one of our Pemon friends was a rare privilege, and when the need arises again Biokryptos will be there to help.