Faunal Discoveries

New distributions for species known to science

New species distributions

The tepuis of the Guiana Highlands (GH) may be large isolated mountains, however the scientific consensus is that they are devoid of large animals due to their topographic isolation, lack of nutrient rich soil, and their limited spatial continuity which limits ecosystem richness. However, there are isolated reports of larger animals on the summits of many of the larger tepuis, including sightings of possible new species. =Since 2012, Biokryptos investigators have been using camera traps and field expeditions to catalog the sum total biodiversity of Auyan Tepui, the largest tepui in the GH. We have found that Auyan Tepui hosts a greater variety of animal life than previously thought, and many of the medium sized mammals we have found are distributed throughout the plateau. Keep reading below to see some of the species our camera traps have captured for the first time on Auyan Tepui, and the implications these discoveries have for our understanding of a world undergoing extreme climate change.  Many of the records presented here are the first photographic evidence of these species on a tepui summit. 
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